Meet Your Crew

His Workmanship began in 2007 as a one-man labor company in the Twin Cities. The goal was simply to make some quick cash in order to pay off student loans. Fast forward 13 years and God has turned this into a full-time career. Now His Workmanship is running in 15 cities all across the midwest. Our greatest joy is to see more Christian college students personally and spiritually flourish as they experience the business world from a Christian perspective. Soli Deo Gloria.

Why do we call our laborers “His Workmanship”?

The name comes from a Bible verse that says, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which he prepared beforehand for us to do.” The pronoun “His” is obviously a reference to God and “workmanship” refers to believers as God’s handiwork, his masterpiece. With this verse as our mission, His Workmanship hires Christian college students who are committed to reflect God’s handiwork by delivering exceptional labor services to each of our customers.

Who are our laborers?

We carefully select honest and hardworking college students and train them to be great laborers. Our workers are not merely chosen because they know how to use a shovel efficiently, but also because they are quick on their feet and have excellent customer service skills.

Most of our new hires come from sports coaches at Christian colleges across the Midwest. Applicants are required to be at least 17 years old and enrolled in college. Each applicant is personally vetted through phone interviews to ensure their vehicle reliability, approachable persona, and physical strength.

In fact, our training process is quite detailed. New hires are required to watch tutorial videos on the various services we offer. This will make sure, for instance, our workers know the difference between a weed and a plant. There are rigorous follow-up conversations with new hires where they can ask questions and learn more about how the company runs. In many cases, a current crew leader will work on-site alongside a new hire in order to show them the ropes.

Our managers pay special attention to punctuality, customer responses, and communication skills to make sure we provide you with a great service.

Eric- Box
Dresser on Wyatts Shoulder by Lori

Why do we hire college students?

Who can deny the youthful passion and energy of college athletes? They come out of a go-getter culture and are on mission to change the world. When this can be channeled into quality labor services, then amazing things can happen.

When you are trying to get a project done, it’s common to feel exhausted. You want to find a company to hire who you can be confident will take care of your specific needs. You want helpers who don’t make you afraid to let your kids play outside around them. Our handpicked college students match with these expectations completely. They’re young, Christ-loving, and well-groomed.

Over 90% of our workforce play in club sports. They don’t take smoke breaks, they won’t “milk the clock”, and you won’t hear a swear word come out of their mouth. They are able-bodied and ambitious college students who are prepared by Him to do good work.

At your service

When you book your move, students in your area will be matched to suit your specific needs. You’ll get a courtesy call 1-3 days before your project starts, to touch base directly with your crew leader.

Mike Iserman

One aspect of working for His Workmanship that I enjoy is being able to work outside and get my hands dirty. We always get a variety of jobs, from trimming bushes and raking lawns, to moving couches, dressers, and other household items. There’s never a boring day at His Workmanship because there’s always something new to take on. Overall, I’ve enjoyed working because of the relationships, the variety of manual labor jobs, and the additional cash that it provides me with for gas, food, and other college-related expenses.

Phifer Nicholson

What I enjoyed the most working here was variety of the jobs. It was never a static experience at His Workmanship: one day we were engineering a retaining wall, the next we were laying sod or hauling cover rock. The variety and activity of the work in the sun gave a fresh work experience every day and furthered my own landscape experience, so much so that I felt comfortable stepping up to site manager for a bit at the end of the summer. The variety of the work and the exercise really made working at His Workmanship a one-of-a-kind summer job experience.