His Workmanship offers college labor services in 15 cities in the Midwest. Click the green service titles or checkmarks to learn more about each service we provide. Here at His Workmanship we’re prepared by Him to do good work.
Does your yard need a makeover? We’ve got you covered! Watch our college students grind it out and get ready to behold an incredible before and after experience.
Need an extra pair of hands on a complex project? We can help! Simply purchase the materials, come up with a game plan, and His Workmanship will be the elbow grease for you.
Cody Shoveling Rock (1) - Edited
Taav and Wyatt- Couch (2) - Edited_1
Moving across town? Don’t worry! You rent the truck; we’ll bring the muscle. You can trust His Workmanship to move you quickly and safely to your new place.
Painting projects you’ve put off for months? Not a problem! You supply the paint and materials; His Workmanship will brush and then brush some more until you’re fully satisfied.
Painting- Anna

Hear what a customer says

Hear what a worker says

Ready to inquire about our services?

Just a few simple steps


Tell us what you need

Provide a few details about the working location, the scope of the project, and the type of labor you need.


Tell us what to bring

Let us know what tools we need to bring to complete the project. Shovels? Rakes? Loppers? Shears? Dolly?


Tell us when to do it

We are on your timeline. We have many crews available so we can usually make most days and times work.

Terrific value. No hidden fees.

Although many landscape and moving companies frequently advertise their cheap prices, too often the final bill comes with lots of fees that looks nothing like the original quote. You could end up paying lots more for extra mileage or unexpected materials.

At His Workmanship we keep things simple: a flat hourly rate depending on the service. A small travel fee applies if you live 10+ miles away from where our college students live.

How does this all work?

Once you’ve booked your project, the best-suited students in your area will receive the details you shared about the job. A day or so before the scheduled start time, your crew leader will call you to introduce himself and discuss the details of your project.

When His Workmanship arrives at your location the crew leader will ring the doorbell, give you a hearty handshake and work out a plan with you on how to tackle the project. The hourly rate will begin once your crew arrives and starts working on your project.

When your crew finishes to your satisfaction the clock will stop. Then the crew leader will come to your door and ask you to review their work. When you are pleased with the outcome, the crew leader will calculate the total hours and payment with you.

Honest and hardworking college students at your service.

His Workmanship filters through the dime-a-dozen students and carefully selects those who can provide excellent service. These guys know the difference between weeds and flowers. They can shovel rock into wheelbarrows and haul it away. They are able to maneuver a couch up a split-level house.

Ready to inquire about our services?